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Key Performance Indicators, also known as Key Success Indicators (KSI), help a department define and measure progress toward organizational goals. Based on my experience, there are seven indicators in Drill & Blast Department at open-pit mining.

1) Volume Blasting

At beginning of the year Department Engineering always gives its planning concerning volume blast that shall be blasted by Department Drill & Blast. If there are any changes at planning, they will give updating-blasted volume at the outset of the month.

2) Powder Factor

Powder factor (PF) is use of explosives divided by volume blasting. For the new company which mine at open pit mining firstly has to trial calculating PF to get optimum PF. Remember that every rock has different characteristic.

3) Utilization of Unit Drilling

Unit Utilization is effective working hours of unit  divided by total working hour. Because unit drilling is enough expensive and costly fuel consuming, Department Drill & Blast has to know the need of total units and distributing them well.

4) Productivity of Unit Drilling

Productivity of unit drilling is total depth per hour. The supervisor has to check weekly how operator do traveling unit in drill area. Moreover, the supervisor has to monitor the pressure, flushing and rotary of bottom bit from inside of cabin operator. All of these are done to acquire optimum minute of every drilled hole.

5) Bit Life

Based on my experience for bottom bit like New RB 30 J, minimum bit life is 9,000 meter. You can search the appearance of New RB 30 J on Google. Generally rock condition defines types of bottom bit.

6) Safety Stock at Magazine

It is no funny if you wanna blast proposed area, but you don't have stock explosives and blasting agents in the magazine. Department head usually will account the stock weekly in order the needs of explosives and blasting agents to be fulfilled. The capacity of the magazine is restricted because of either local or government regulation.

7) Bit Consumption
Every manufacturer has trailed and gathered data of either maximum bit life or minimum bit life. Usually the manufacturer of bottom bit has proposed the bit life. It is no funny if the proposed of bit life is not suitable in the field.

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